Simon Says!, founded in 2003, by Constance E. Simon, is a resource for parents and students—from kindergarten through college—seeking tutoring in all aspects of literacy.

“Charlie,” Dr. Simon’s chocolate Labrador retriever and mascot, not only guides students through their instructional materials, but also brings a playful component to the learning process. Understanding that each child is an individual, with their own learning style, strengths, and challenges, Dr. Simon assists parents in making thoughtful, informed decisions regarding their education.

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“Connie, thanks so much for your unflagging dedication to Emma; she (rather miraculously) loves spending her Sunday afternoons learning with you.”

— Jennifer

“On a daily basis, I think ‘what would I do without Connie!’ You have been a full-fledged partner in the evaluation and school search process for Jeffrey, as well as an amazing tutor, and a great friend.”

— Anna